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Elation Protron 3K Color

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Elation Protron 3K Color LED Strobe

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240x LED Cree RGBW de 3-vatios (total 720-vatios), 40.000 Lumen, 50.000 horas; 50cm longitud, 11kg,
haz de 63° de apertura, 4x modos DMX, efectos: ramp, lightning, spikes, consumo máximo 800-vatios.

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The Protron 3K Color from Elation Professional is a high-powered Color LED strobe featuring:

  • 240x CREE XLamp 3-Watt RGBW LEDs (60x each RGBW color),
  • 40,000 lumens,
  • 63° beam angle,
  • strobe effect macros including Burst, Pulse, and Lightning effects,
  • 2x cooling fans,
  • electronic dimming,
  • 3pin and 5pin DMX and Powercon True1 IN and OUT connectors,
  • 4-button OLED display control panel,
  • an integrated rigging yoke,
  • 800-Watt Maximum Power Consumption,
  • and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240V).

63° Beam Angle
RGBW Color
Strobe Effect Macros including Burst, Pulse, and Lightning effects,
2x Cooling Fans

240x CREE XLamp 3-Watt RGBW LEDs (60x each RGBW color)
50,000 Average LED Life

40,000 Total Lumens
12,210 LUX at 1 meter, 63° , Full-ON brightness

Electronic Dimming
Strobe effect including macros
Burst effect
Pulse effect
Lightning effect
Full-ON brightness mode

4x DMX Channel Modes (3 channel/5/7/8)
4-Button Control Panel
OLED Menu Display
3pin and 5pin DMX IN and OUT connectors
Powercon True1 IN and Out power connectors

Length: 506mm
Width: 150mm
Vertical Height: 357mm
Weight: 11kg

AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
800-Watt Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Operating Temperature: 40°C

Rigging: Integrated Yoke
Working Position: Any (360°)

1x Powercon True1 Cable


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