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Elation Midicon Pro


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Elation Midicon Pro

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controlador Midi para uso con software de control de iluminación (Emulation Pro y otros), 79cm longitud, 8kg,
9x faders motorizados, 4x ruedas giratorias con función pulsación, Midi 5pin IN y OUT, alimentación por corriente eléctrica.

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Advanced MIDI controller designed for the lighting world that turns any lighting software into a “real” lighting desk.

Made to harmonize especially with Elation Emulation Pro software.

Professional-looking finish, large high-quality backlit buttons, aluminum wheels and motorized faders.
Playback section containing: 8x 100mm motorized faders, command-line keypad, 3x spring loaded backlit buttons above each fader, 32 pages of playbacks.

Connects via USB, no drivers needed.
Platform-independent (Windows/MAC/Linux)

Midicon Pro is a MIDI controller designed to be used with any MIDI-compatible lighting control software and features:

  • Playback section with 8x touch sensitive, motorized playback faders (3x backlit buttons above each fader and page select with 00 to 99 page display)
  • 1x touch sensitive motorized master fader with backlit blackout button
  • 20-buttons, backlit keypad section with standard lighting control style keypad
  • 16- buttons, backlit function key section above keypad
  • 10- buttons, backlit function key section next to keypad
  • Button matrix section with 32x backlit buttons and 4x context buttons
  • 4x rotary encoder Jog-Wheels with custom-weighted aluminum wheels
  • Smooth low friction encoders with push-in function
  • 2x Shift buttons to change context of wheels
  • Uses MIDI over USB for all communication with host software
  • All buttons are custom-engraved and backlit for use with Emulation Pro software
  • Dimensions: 787mm x 330mm x 89mm


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