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Elation Hazer Fluid OH 5 liter



elation hazer fluid oh 5 liter 1


Elation Haze Fluid Oil-based Slow dispersion, High density 5 liter

5 litros, líquido (con aceite en su composición) para efecto Haze, alta densidad y lenta dispersión.

Elation Haze Fluid works with any type of generators (with a heater-block system without compressor).
Biodegradable, non-flammable.
No smell (odorless).

  • Professional Haze Fluid with perfect density
  • Made for high quality machines
  • Content: 5 Liter
  • CE certified

Elation Haze Fluid OH features:

Product base: Oil-based fluid
Dispersion: slow
Density: high
Stability: very stable
Color of fluid: neutral
Color of haze: white
Haze description: very smooth atmosphere



elation hazer fluid oh 5 liter 1




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