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Elation Elar EXTQW Par HP

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Elation Elar EXTQW Par HP

8x LED RGBW de 5-vatios (total 40-vatios), 50.000 horas; construcción IP-65, 20cm diámetro, 4kg,
haz de 25° de apertura, 21cm diámetro.

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The Elar EXTQW Par HP by Elation Professional is a high-powered outdoor LED par fixture featuring:

  • 8x 5-Watt QUAD Color RGBW mixing producing infinite colors,
  • 0-100% electronic dimming,
  • slow to fast strobing
  • and a 25° beam angle.

This unit is rated at IP65, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and includes outdoor-rated power and data cables along with a/c power 240v input/output PPG cable.

The ELAR EXTQW PAR HP is power/data linkable and is equipped with an internal power supply.
The unit is safe in any working position and can be operated in two user modes: DMX- 512 or stand-alone.

Optional accessories for the Elar EXTQW Par HP include ELAR WR2 wireless infrared remote, data and power link cable extensions.
With the optional ELAR WR2 remote users can access internal programs and allow manual control of the unit as well as set DMX start channel address.

IP65 Rated
25° Beam Angle
No External Controls
Elar WR (Wireless Remmote) II Needed to Set Mode / DMX Address
Flicker-Free Operation for TV and FILM
Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Exterior
Multiple-Unit Power Linking

8x 5-Watt QUAD Color RGBW LEDs

833 LUX @4M

Electronic Strobe
Color and Chase Macros
Electronic Dimming: 0% – 100%

1x DMX Channel Modes (6 channel)
4- Button Control Panel
LCD Menu Display
IP 3pin DMX In/Out
IP 3pin Power In/Out

SIZE / WEIGHT: (without bracket)
Length: 205mm
Width: 205mm
Vertical Height: 235mm
Weight: 4,5kg
Diameter: 205mm
Width, including bracket and screws: 284mm
Height, without bracket: 235mm

AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
45W Max Power Consumption
Multiple Unit Power Linking
Operating Temperature: -25°C to 45°C


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