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Elation E-Fly Transceiver



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Elation E-Fly Transceiver

transceiver (posibilidad de uso como emisor, transmisor y/o receptor) de señal DMX por red propia inalámbrica,
posibilidad de uso autónomo con batería interna, configuración automática con 1x botón, hasta 15x universos DMX, acceso a banda 2.4GHz.

The E-Fly Transceiver from Elation Professional is a high-powered wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter/Receiver in one) that is compatible with other E-Fly products and includes a rechargeable battery, which provides a solution for remote applications where access to power is a challenge.

Connected to a DMX Controller, the E-Fly Transceiver will provide a constant and reliable wireless DMX signal up to 762 meters to other Elation E-Fly products.
The 2.4 GHz wireless frequency will coexist in busy RF environments alongside technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter/Receiver In One)
Rechargeable Battery Life: Up To 20-25 Hours From a 4-Hour Charge
Battery Life and Signal Strength Indicator Display
Wireless Range Up to 762 meters with Open Line of Sight
Transmit To Multiple Receivers On Same Radio Channel
Supports Up To 15x DMX-512 Universes
15x Radio Channels (1x DMX universe per channel)
Auto-Paring Feature
3pin and 5pin DMX IN/OUT
Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM

Battery Switch
Power-Save Button
3pin and 5pin DMX IN/OUT
12-Volt Direct Current Power Supply Input

Length: 153 mm
Width: 134 mm
Vertical Height: 62 mm
Weight: 0.6 kg

12-Volt DC, 1-Aamp (AC or DC powered)



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