Elation Theater Flood Asymmetric 500Watt

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Elation Theater Flood Asymmetric 500 Watt

lámpara halógena de 500-vatios tipo R7S (incluida), reflector de gran calidad, 29cm anchura, 4kg,
proyección asimétrica del haz, incluye portafiltros, viseras opcionales.

The Elation Theatre Flood Series offers light designers the capability to light up walls and big surfaces at a low distance.

These floodlights are especially designed to meet theatre and touring requirements.
There are two versions available for each wattage: with Asymmetric or Symmetric Reflector.

Asymmetric Reflectors are best if the lights are placed at an end of the surface you want to light up (as for example on the floor lighting up a wall).
Symmetric Reflectors are best if you want to place the light in the middle of the surface you want to light up or you want increasing/decreasing light intensity.

All versions are equipped with a adjustable bracket and safety grid.
The housing is made of die-cast aluminum.

The Elation Theater Flood Asymmetric 500-Watt features:

  • Asymmetric Beam Characteristics
  • Uses Affordable, Standard 500-Watt Halogen R7S Lamps
  • High-Quality Aluminum Reflector System
  • Road-Proof Aluminum Housing
  • Filter Frame included

500-Watt Halogen R7S Lamp included

Filter Frame Included
Optional Barndoor Available

Length: 196mm
Width: 290mm
Vertical Height: 290mm
Weight: 4,5 Kg

AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz



elation tf500-a 1