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Elation Dartz 360

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¡Novedad mundial! Cabeza móvil Beam con tecnología LED ALTA-LUMINOSIDAD.
LED alta luminosida RGB de 50-vatios; giro continuo 360° en Pan y Tilt, receptor DMX Wireless, 13kg,
haz de 3° de apertura, enfoque motorizado, 15x gobos, frost lineal, prismas 8-lados y lineal rotatorios.
producto seleccionado “Innovation Awards Gallery” PLASA Show London 2017

The Dartz 360 is a Beam moving head with High-Brightness LED technology from Elation Professional featuring:

  • a single-source 50-watt RGB High-Brightness LED technology engine producing 61.300 lux at 5 meters,
  • a sharp 3° narrow beam aperture,
  • full 360° Pan and Tilt continuous rotation with fast and precise 16-bit resolution,
  • motorized focus,
  • linear frost filter: 0 to 100%,
  • 15x static stamped metal gobos,
  • 6-facet linear and 8-facet rotating prisms with prism morphing and individual prism rotation,
  • electronic strobe (1 to 25 flashes per second),
  • linear dimming and 5x selectable dimming curves,
  • adjustable refresh-rate frequency and Gamma brightness settings,
  • E-Fly internal wireless DMX transceiver (transmitter and receiver),
  • DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management) and ArtNet support,
  • 5pin XLR, RJ45-Ethercon and Powercon True1 IN/OUT connectors,
  • 180° reversible menu display with 6-button touch control panel,
  • flicker-free operation for TV and Film,
  • and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

Single-Source 50-watt RGB High-Brightness LED Technology Engine
50,000 Hour Average Lamp Life
3° Beam Aperture

61.300 Lux at 5 meter, 3° Beam Aperture, Full ON

6-facet Linear and 8-facet Rotating Prisms
Prism Morphing and Individual Prism Rotation
Linear Frost Filter: 0 to 100%
Electronic Strobe: 1 to 25 flashes per second
Linear Dimming: 0 to 100%
5x Selectable Dimming Curves

RGB Color Mixing

15x Static Stamped Metal Gobos

360° Continuous Pan and Tilt Movement
Motorized Focus
E-Fly Internal Wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter and Receiver)
3x DMX Channel Modes (19 channel / 22 / 25)
Adjustable Refresh Rate: 900 / 1.5K / 2.5K / 4K / 5K / 10K / 15K / 20K / 25K Hz
Adjustable Gamma Brightness: 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.8
DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management) and ArtNet
8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement
RJ45-Ethercon IN/OUT (ArtNet and sACN)
Powercon True1 Power IN/OUT
USB Update Port
Battery-Powered Menu Display
6-Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display

Length: 196 mm
Width: 276 mm
Vertical Height: 462 mm
Weight: 12,8 kg

AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
130-Watt Maximum Power Consumption
Operating External Temperature: -15°C to 45°C




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